Hiking and Landscape Painting

Painting Landscapes was a natural progression for me that grew out of my love of exploring the earth and its many landscapes.  Most of my landscapes are painted from photos taken while hiking or walking.  I absolutely love hiking, be it in my own suburb, deep in the remote Australian bush or in far off lands.  For me its the perfect way to connect with the environment around me and the heart of the place I'm visiting.  

Hiking and Landscape painting really are the perfect combination for me creating a harmonious symmetry.  While hiking or walking I always have my camera and admittedly as an Artist I'm constantly scanning my view for scenes to paint.  Hiking really is the first step in my creative process of creating a landscape painting.  Next comes taking the photos and thirdly I capture the scene with paint on canvas creating the painting.

I am constantly in awe of nature, there is just so much beauty and magnificence.  With each landscape scene I paint I feel blessed to have an opportunity to dive deeply into the scene and observe every tiny detail.  Observing my photos to create a realistic impression while painting I am given a chance to really get to know the place I visited.  How wonderful it is to dwell for a time in a beautiful place and savor a special moment.